Team Hexadron was founded in year 2013 with goal of competing in international competition FLL, in which won 3rd place in regional round. In our team were 9 members:  Ondrej Macko, Jakub Macko, Martin Hrabovec, Samuel horváth, Dávid Krajčo, Matúš Balogh, Michal Balogh, Ján Lang and Hana Komendová. Our trainer was Hana Baloghová. Some of our team members had experience with FLL in other teams, what was a base for next progress. Team took part in summer FLL league, which we won. Hexadron also participated  in FLL year 2014, but with some member changes. Now our team has seven members: Ondrej Macko, Martin Hrabovec, Dávid Krajčo, Ján Lang, Dávid Cerulík, Jakub Macko and Emma Záhradníková. We have also got new trainer: Katarína Melišová. This team structure is unchanged till now. Age layout of our team is various: from age of 13 to upper age limit. Here begins chance of true team atmosphere found at communication. 

This year FLL theme is World class- learning unleashed. Reaction on this years task is our project with name Teach me my way (TMMW). You can find closer information about our project in Application section.